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We’re a husband and wife team, who have been together since 2002. Both of us were born and raised in North Carolina—Bob in Matthews, Jen in Raleigh—and fell in love in college at UNC-Wilmington. We have family stretching across North Carolina and down into South Carolina as well. Our roots run deep within the Carolina soil.


Together, we enjoy celebrating and exploring all that NC and SC have to offer, which are never-ending treasure troves. With more than 200 wineries throughout North and South Carolina, there’s a lot to taste and explore. As the parents of four young children, we use day trips and short outings to reconnect and explore our home state.

Other interests:

  • Agritourism
  • Family farming
  • History
  • Sustainability

Introducing the Love of Wine

Jen’s Story

For the longest time, I envied friends and family that could relax, unwind, and visit over a glass of wine—my husband, being one of them. I, however, didn’t have a taste for it. There was no sipping on a swing, enjoying a beautiful breeze. No snuggling with glasses in hand beside a toasty fire. Everything about drinking wine was beautiful. The ambiance. The glasses. The aromas. The colors. Talk about sophistication. Despite how badly I wanted to like wine, I just couldn’t…until…Treehouse Vineyards. We joined a tasting party at Treehouse for a family member’s birthday, and I was overjoyed to find and fall in love with a few of their wines. Thank you, Tack Shack Red! I’m not sure if it was a change in palate or a different style of wine or grape that opened my senses to the world of wine, but I knew I had to experience more local Carolina wines.

Bob’s Story

I’ve enjoyed the taste and experience of drinking wine for years. In fact, while many of my friends celebrated their 21st birthday at college bars, I chose a glass of White Zinfandel with my family at the beach. Growing up in North Carolina, my family visited Biltmore Estate often. I’ve toured the Biltmore Winery and enjoyed complimentary wine tastings over the years. I knew I appreciated NC wine, however, I was unaware about all of the complexities and varietals comparable to wines across the country and around the world until recently. It took some time, but my wife has finally come to enjoy wine. Together, we have taken our appreciation of wine and have decided to completely embrace it, setting out to explore the rich variety of wines that the Carolinas have to offer.

Wine Carolinas

We plan to visit all of the wineries in North and South Carolina, highlight their wines, celebrate the wineries, and share our experiences with you. Join us as we share our thoughts on wineries, wine tours, and wine tastings throughout the Carolinas.

Go local. Drink Carolinas! 🍷

Bob & Jen

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