Rock of Ages Strawberry and Orange Wines

North Carolina is known for its sweet Muscadine wines. Muscadine wines tend to be an acquired taste. You either love them or you have to try a few varietals in order to find a wine that pleases the palate. If you’re someone who LOVES sweet wine, we know of a couple of bottles from Rock of Ages Winery that you’re sure to enjoy.

Strawberry Fields Tasting

Our first Rock of Ages wine is Strawberry Fields. As the name suggests, the sweetness of this wine tastes just like strawberries, with an acidic finish. We brought a bottle to a family party for a light, fruity beverage. It was emptied within minutes.


What they say: “Fresh fruit is what makes our strawberry wine special. You can taste the strawberries as if you just picked one from the vine. A perfect balance of fruit, sweet, and tart. Not overly sweet but an easy balance made for sipping.”

Quick Tips


  • Cookout Pairing: barbecue, hamburgers, mixed green salad, light pasta salad
  • Cheese Pairing: Provolone


Orange Grove Tasting

For our second bottle, we poured a glass of Orange Grove to ring in the Summer Solstice. This is unlike any sweet wine we’ve had, with a familiar citrus flavor, ending with a tart finish. We had differing opinions about what the orange flavor reminded us of, but we both agreed that it brought us back to our childhood.

What they say: “Made with real fruit is the key to producing high quality, unique fruit wines. The bold clean flavor of orange connect our memories to every season of the year. Refreshing, light, and full flavored best describes this special wine.”

Quick Tips


  • Food Pairing: chicken, olives, squash,  lamb chops, roasted dishes
  • Cheese Pairing: Sharp Cheddar


Tasting Info:

  • Tasting Times:
    • Open daily from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Wine tastings daily, approximately every 30 minutes
  • Tastings are broken down into three categories:
    • Sweet
    • Dry White
    • Dry Red

Until our next glass…

Go local. Drink Carolinas. 🍷


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