Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards

Addicted. That’s how we can best describe our experience with Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards. We’ve visited them twice already this year, even though we aren’t located near them at all. From their wide range of European style wines, incredibly informative tastings, and beautiful scenery, we were hooked.



Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards opened in 2012. The first commercial vineyard in Henderson County, Saint Paul has a climate and soil similar to European growing styles, with vineyards in two higher altitude locations. Of the 14 varietals grown, about 95% of them are variations of German and Austria, as well as French vinifera. The grounds are family owned and have been farmed for nine generations, which shows how dedicated the family is to farming.

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Tasting Experience:

Entering Saint Paul’s tasting room, there’s a relaxing, mountain feel. Award-winning wines greet you at the door, inviting you to fill out the guest book. Cozy seating can be found throughout the room, including chairs by a gorgeous stone fireplace and stools around an eye-catching walnut bar. Although the inside venue is beautiful, we enjoy sitting on the patio with stunning views of the vineyards that are literally a few steps away. Saint Paul is very accommodating, encouraging picnics, allowing pets on the grounds with water bowls supplied, and providing food trucks and live entertainment. Just thinking about their environment makes us want to return and unwind with a glass of wine.

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Having been to a few wineries, we were used to choosing one wine flight to enjoy. Naturally, that’s what we assumed would happen at Saint Paul’s Mountain Vineyard. We started with the White Vinifera, which includes eight wines.


Must Try:

  • Vidal Blanc – This is aged in stainless steel with citrus aromas and a tart finish.
  • Laurel Hill – This is an off-dry Vidal Blanc and is back sweetened. This means that the juices removed from the beginning are added back in. It’s slightly sweet on the palate. Very refreshing!
  • Lower Vineyard – We are partial to Rieslings so we, of course, enjoyed this one. This wine is aged in stainless steel and also back sweetened with vibrant fruity and floral aromas.


When we thought we were done and had a few bottles picked out, we were invited to try their Artisan Hard Cider. What?! The secret cider recipe use 100% Henderson County apples with a variety of seven different apples. Check back with us for an update about their Cider House. As of recently, there were three ciders available to try. We’re looking forward to visiting the official Cider House.

Again, we were relaxed and enjoying the scenery, thinking we had finished the tasting when we were instructed to turn our tasting guides over to view the Red Vinifera and Dessert Wine, which include an additional six to eight wines. Imagine our surprise and elation when we discovered that.


Must Try:

  • Queen – The Queen is a Cabernet Franc that uses both stainless steel and oak barrels as a part of fermentation. It’s accessible with fruity aromas and finishes.
  • Chestnut East Reserve – This is a Bordeaux style blend (Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Syrah). Plum and cherry notes are easily discovered.
  • Petit Verdot (Gold Medal Winner) – The small grapes produce lots of flavors and create a silky, smooth sip.

Must Try Dessert Wines:

We are addicted to the dessert wines!

  • Chestnut Gap Cottage – Please drink this wine while enjoying dark chocolate. The flavors are incredible. The wine itself is made from 100% locally grown blackberries.
  • Home Place – Also made with 100% locally grown blackberries, this wine is a bit sweeter and would be great for a dessert after dinner.
  • Vin Chocolate Du Barista – Oh my! If you love chocolate and/or coffee, you’ll really like this wine. This semi-dry red wine is exquisitely unique. Breath in through your nose while sipping and you’re sure to catch a robust coffee aroma. Breath through your mouth and you might detect hints of chocolate.

In 2013, Saint Paul was fortunate to have Charlie Kidd, a talented winemaker, join their team. Before joining Saint Paul, Charlie won many awards in California and Texas for his wines. We’re so happy that he’s a part of the process! The only problem we had was deciding which wines to bring home.


Because we can’t seem to stay away and there are so many fantastic wines, we decided to become Wine Club members. To become a member, the fee is $20/year for an individual and $30/year for a couple. This is easy to do with all of their choices. Once a member, you’ll receive all of these benefits:

  • Members may purchase 3 bottles (or more) quarterly at a 20% discount during their quarterly release. Selection may be member’s choice.
  • 20% discount on case purchases
  • 10% on bottle purchases
  • One complimentary glass of wine on your birthday
  • Complimentary glass of wine for a member when you bring a guest
  • Exclusive Wine Club member events


  • Monday–Thursday from 11:00 am–6:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am–7:00 pm
  • Sunday 12:00 pm–6:00 pm

Until our next glass…

Go Local. Drink Carolinas. 🍷


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