Cat’s Paw Winery

Having only visited North Carolina wineries, we decided that we should start the new year with a visit to our first South Carolina winery. We’re so thankful for our friends at for suggesting Cat’s Paw Winery, located in Rock Hill, SC.

Tucked away from all of the hustle and bustle, Cat’s Paw’s cozy tasting room is nestled off of a dirt road surrounded by relaxing, mature trees. Even though it’s tucked away, it’s not difficult to find with all of the Joey signs that guide and welcome visitors.

Joey, the orange tabby cat, is the winery’s mascot and one of the highlights in owner John Burks’ life. He blended two of his loves, cats and wine, to create Cat’s Paws Winery, the only winery in York County, SC.

We sat down for our tasting experience with the company of Dennis and Jenni from Winery Escapades and learned that the winery offers more than tasty wines. They were able to experience an afternoon of goat yoga followed by a tasting at Cat’s Paw.

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Providing years of experience in the craft of winemaking, John offers 11 varieties of reds and whites, each uniquely different. Creating his small batch, craftsman style wines, John uses fruits from all over and doesn’t use any artificial flavorings.

Sampling the January tasting menu, we had difficulty limiting our choices of what to take home with us. Each wine was smooth, offering unique, lingering flavors on the palate. It’s obvious John puts a lot of thought and love into his craft.


Must Try:

  • Black Raspberry Merlot
  • Black Cherry Pinot Noir
  • Purrr-Fectly Peach
  • Caramel Port

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After the tasting, we were able to spend time with our friends in a cozy corner of the tasting room, discussing an upcoming SC wine event. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting inaugural event!

Until our next glass….

Go local. Drink Carolinas! 🍷

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